Friday, December 9, 2022

CKFT22: Barak, Head Hunters progress


Barak FC and Head Hunters FC progressed to the next round as the teams won in their respective matches in the ongoing Captain (late) Kengurüse Football Tournament 2022 (CKFT22) being played at IG Stadium, here on Wednesday.
In the first match, Barak FC defeated Phoro FC 7-1. In the second match Head Hunters FC (164 TA) and Medziphema FC ended in a draw with 3 scores each even after extra time.
In the penalty shootout, Head Hunters emerged victorious with a score 5-4.
In the third and final match of the day, Lengreng FC defeated Naga United FC 3-0.
Altogether, 18 teams from different districts of the state are participating in the nine-day long tournament from November 15-23, 2022.
The tournament is organised annually by Assam Rifles on behalf of Spear Corp. The Winners’ Trophy, Runners-Up Trophy were unveiled during opening ceremony held on Tuesday.

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