Sunday, November 27, 2022

CMA general conference held at Pfütsero

Chakhesang Mothers’ Association (CMA) held its 12th general conference on October 31, on the theme, “celebrating the elegance of womanhood”, at Baptist Theological College square, T. Chikri, Pfütsero.
The conference was graced by director, Treasuries & Accounts, Vahine Thisa and joint secretary, School Education, Avelu Ruho as inaugural guest and cultural guest respectively.
In her speech, Vahine said that an elegant woman was someone who possessed good character and lived a refined life; a woman who can traverse through huddles of life and shoulder her responsibilities with confidence.
She stressed on the virtues of love and patience which she said, led to women being peacemakers in families and the society.
In her speech, cultural guest, Avelu said women had extraordinary strength and resilience which was God’s design.
She stated that good parenting was of utmost importance to have better children and society and appealed to all the women present, to develop a positive attitude.
Earlier, president’s address was delivered by CMA president Zhonelu Tunyi while Chakhesang Public Organisation (CPO) president Vezuhu Keyho conveyed greetings and CMA general secretary Kezevinuo Krome highlighted activities of CMA from 2018-2022.
At the conference, CMA passed a resolution to adopt “Perrilla, Küna, Keni, Tsü, Sesame, Chütsü, Potsüh, Utsü Rosselle, Ghakhro, Kekhro, Threvu” as official ingredients of Chakhesang dish.
Zhonelu Tunyi and Kezevinuo Krome were re-elected as president and general secretary respectively (2022- 2025) along with Neichülou Tsüzuh and Shoselu Khusoh as vice presidents, Akululu Dozo as joint secretary, Kuvetalu Nusory as treasurer and Vezovolu Vero as publicity & information secretary.

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