Friday, March 24, 2023

CNCCI demands explanationfrom Municipal Affairs Dept

Confederation of Nagaland Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CNCCI) has sought a clarification from the Urban & Municipal Department as to how municipal councils of respective districts were allowed to levy/collect taxes at interstate check gates on goods-laden trucks at rates based on the numbers of tyres on the trucks.
CNCCI in a statement issued by its chairman Dr. Kekugha Muru and general secretary Dr. Seyievilie Mor described the taxation based no number of tyres as a “shameful system was found only in Nagaland”.
The CNCCI has demanded that the Municipal Department immediately stop such collections as there was no logic or reason to levy entry/toll tax when all requisite taxes had been paid by transporters during registration and renewal of truck licences, besides having paid trade licence and sanitation tax to operate transport agencies.
Lauds Dy.CM, Home dept for ban on check gates: Meanwhile, CNCCI expressed gratitude and support to the Home department’s order in banning all government and private check gates across Nagaland.
They said the ban was a long-pending demand from the business community on the government time and again. CNCCI said since most of these check gates existed without any relevance or validity but only for the sole purpose of collecting taxes and fleecing hard-earned money from the business community and transporters.
CNCCI also lauded deputy CM, Y Patton for taking bold and courageous step besides, the Home department in particular and the State government in general, for fulfilling one of the long-pending demand of the business community.
CNCCI said one of the main purpose of GST regime was to remove check gates and making movement of goods hassle-free across India. It however regretted that, contrary to the objective, check gates had mushroomed in Nagaland over the years.
CNCC said it believed that the ban order if implemented in letter and spirit, would finally integrate the state economy/movement of goods with rest of the country seamlessly. CNCC therefore requested the State government to implement the ban order with full commitment and show result on the ground.


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