Monday, January 30, 2023

CNTC demands implementation of RIIN, review of backward quota

Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC)– comprising Ao, Sumi and Lotha tribes, has demanded implementation of Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN) at the earliest and also to review the backward quota policy.
In a statement issued through its media cell, CNTC expressed dismay that the state government despite setting up various committees, and report being submitted by the committees and approved by the cabinet, has not implemented any of these acts or policies in the state.
CNTC said that the committees were just a mere eye wash and lip service to the people.
The council demanded that the state government act on the RIIN commission report as the same was already submitted to the government after holding series of consultations with the tribal organisations, civil society and NGOs.
However, CNTC wondered why the government/those at the helm, have not introduced the act which had been initiated by them.
Pointing out some loopholes in the backward quota policy, CNTC demanded that the government review the policy as per the guidelines.
Despite the policy undergoing several changes, since its implementation in 1977, CNTC, however said that the state government has failed to review the policy as per the guidelines (i.e) to review the policy every 10 years.
With the tenure of the present government coming to an end, CNTC said the report of the High Power Committee on backward quota was yet to be implemented. Therefore, the council has asked the state government to come out with proper guidelines as the earliest.
Further, CNTC also demanded early completion of the Foothill road. The council said that the ‘People’s Road’ was not given importance by the government due to “unjustified development” taking place.
CNTC alleged that “there is unequal distribution of funds and schemes and some funds meant for these areas have been diverted to those in power.”
The council, however, resolved to extend unflinching support to Nagaland Foothill Road Co-ordination Committee for early completion of the foothill road.

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