Sunday, September 24, 2023

Central Nagaland Tribes Council, Nagaland Tribes Council plea to GoI for early solution

Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC) the forum of Ao, Sumi and Lotha tribes and Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) have sought urgent attention for early solution to the Naga political issue in view of prevailing situation in the state.
In a separate release, CNTC media cell said it expects the government of India to appreciate the patience shown by people of Nagaland for ‘Solution Before Election’ for 25 years and their yearning for genuine peace through political solution.
CNTC recalled that in the 2018 assembly election, when all civil societies and political parties including BJP, “unequivocally demanded solution before election”, the “BJP breached the trust” when its candidates filed nominations under the plea “ Election For Solution.” It said the breach of trust was against the wishes and will of the people and “is still fresh in our memory.”
CNTC reminded the government of India that “unending political process has adversely affected the lives of every individual in the state and has taken a huge toll of the entire system of governance”. It maintained that the uncertainty also “heralded an unimaginable cycle of corruption at all levels” that had left education and overall infrastructural development in shambles, when funds were brazenly siphoned off from government projects through “percentage cuts and shares” while private businesses were “grossly extorted by armed groups in the name of political issue.”
CNTC said the ultimate victims of these were the unemployed youth and students, whose futures have been ruined due to the unresolved Naga issue.
CNTC appealed to the prime minister to address contentious issues between negotiating parties at the earliest since economic well being of every Naga family has completely collapsed due to the absence of “equitable welfare formula and governance”.
NTC: Meanwhile, media cell of Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) said it was perturbed by the “thick cloud of uncertainties being cast over the fate of the political negotiations” between the government of India and two political groups- NSCN (I-M) and the WC of the 7-member NNPGs despite 25 years of peace process. NTC drew the attention of the government of India to the prevailing environment as the bane for Nagas who are suffering in misery do to the inordinate delay of political solution.
It mentioned that the Parliamentary Standing Committee report tabled in both houses of parliament on July 19,2018 had strongly recommended that the government of India “should conclude the peace talks at the earliest, based on a broad based understanding over the most contentious issues”.
NTC expressed regrets that even during the last five years, the Naga political issue had not been discussed in parliament and even Nagaland MPs and members of the state assembly took “little interest to pursue the long cherished solution to the Naga political issue.”
NTC asked what was causing stagnation and backwardness of Nagaland despite colossal funds being provided by the government of India ? According to NTC, during the past 25 years of political negotiations, “unscrupulous elements” from within the state government and armed elements have reduced Nagaland as “their private goldmines” by taking undue advantage of the gullibility of the Naga public. NTC said it was aware that the only remedy to all these is Naga political solution but was apprehensive that the consequence of further delay will be disastrous.
NTC has also hit out at both the government of India and the ruling UDA in Nagaland for their “apathetic and lackadaisical attitude towards sincere conclusion of the peace process thought the official negotiations were completed by 31st October 2019.”
It said even the prime minister Narendra Modi’s promise to resolve the Naga political issue within 18 months, during his visit to the state on December 1,2015 , has passed into oblivion. NTC accused the UDA government of scuttling and causing premature demise to the four-point resolution adopted by its own Political Core Committee on Naga Political issue (PCCoNPI) on July 16,2022 on securing early solution.
It also said the chief minister was superimposing holding of elections as nothing but a ploy to demean the political process.
NTC cautioned that people were “ever ready to have solution” and also ever prepared to handle any consequences that may arise.



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