Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Community library at Ramzie School

Ramzie School, Jalukie town, organised a cultural day-cum-inauguration programme of community library on October 28, at the school premises with SDO Power department, Kidosap Siarau as guest of honour.
In a press release, office of Ramzie School stated that the community library was sponsored by The K.A.L. Group (Legal practitioners & consultants) Dimapur and Noida based “Sarvahitey.”
Speaking at the programme, Kidosap Siarau congratulated the authority of Ramzie School and K.A.L. Group for introducing community library at the school.
He pointed out that the installation of community library would benefit students and the intellectual community, and encouraged the students to invest their time to develop the habit of reading.
During the cultural day, Kidosap Siarau reminded the students that they were lucky, since the school was taking the promotion of indigenous culture serious.
He stressed that with globalisation, extinction of one’s culture was possible if people do not practice their traditions and cultures.
Further, he stated that organising such cultural programmes instills interests in students to learn about their cultures.
Highlight of the programme included folk song, cultural dance competitions among groups.

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