Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Condemnations pour in against May 27 vandalism of NSF office in Kohima

More organizations have condemned the act of vandalization of the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) office at Naga Club building on May 27.
KVC: In a press note, Kohima Village Council (KVC) chairman Helievio Solo and press & media secretary Thejao Sekhose strongly condemned the vandalism of the ‘Naga Club Building’ in Kohima, which house the office of the NSF and ANCSU.
KVC said that the vandalized building was heritage and an iconic monument to the beginning of the Naga movement.
The council said that as per Angami traditional and customary practice, it was a very serious crime to vandalize somebody’s house or properties. The unwarranted vandalism of the ‘Naga Club Building’ by unknown tyrannical miscreants, under cover of darkness was a clear manifestation of cowardice, which needed to be seriously dealt with befitting law, by the law enforcing agencies, KVC stated.
The council while expressing anguish, also conveyed its commitment to cooperate with law enforcing agencies, when asked for, to pluck off the evil from the society.
KVYO: The Kohima Village Youth Organization (KVYO) also unequivocally condemned the shocking demolition and vandalism of the Naga Club Building which houses the NSF and ANCSU offices.
In a press note, KVYO president Vituonyü Khezhie, vice president Dr. Richard Dzüvichu, general secretary Viketoulie Solo and asst. general secretary Neikehetuo Kire condemned the hate and fear that motivated such disgraceful acts.
KVYO said that the destruction in the midst of controversy and the random destruction of historical records of the NSF was irreplaceable. While appealing for peace and justice, the organization assured fullest support to the competent authority in its investigation and arrest of the culprits.
ANSAM: All Naga Students’ Association Manipur (ANSAM) expressed shock over the “abhorrent act of anti-Naga elements” and said it “vehemently” condemned such castigate act of vandalizing the NSF office at the Naga Club building. In a statement, ANSAM president Luikang Luckson and general secretary Angteshang Maring stated such “obnoxious act” not only challenged the determination of the Nagas, but has assaulted the Naga history and the pioneering Naga leaders who had bravely defended the rights of the Nagas.
Reaffirming to strengthen the office of NSF, the ANSAM extended fullest support and cooperation to resolutions adopted by the federation. ANSAM also assured to extend unwavering support to the federation in their collective endeavour to rebuild not only the physical NSF office building “but most importantly building the Naga Nation.”
CEC, NUTA: Central Executive Council (CEC), Nagaland University Teacher’s Association (NUTA) expressed deep dismay over the vandalism carried out at NSF office and destruction of the Naga Heritage building (the symbol of Naga Aspiration for self-governance) by some miscreants.
In a press release, CEC NUTA president Prof. T. Zarenthung Ezung said that the “unthoughtful action” has not only destroyed the properties but has downgraded the image of their own highest student body or organization. “Moreover, we have lost some important historical monuments and records in the process of their tussles,” CEC, NUTA stated.
The association has, therefore, advocated that development should be given the highest priority rather than resorting to violence in future.
TKS: Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (TKS) also condemned the act of vandalism and said that any action that tried to sabotage the fabric of Naga nation must be arrested at the earliest and awarded befitting punishment.
TKS affirmed to stand with the NSF at this challenging moment. It also called for strengthening and building the Naga nation.
TKS has, therefore, urged the responsible authority to take necessary actions at the earliest.
MSU: Mao Students’ Union (MSU) expressed deep anguish at the act of vandalism and rightly condemned the outrageous and abhorrent act.
In a statement, MSU president Marikho O’ Leriina and general secretary S. Hriiyio said that the historic building has been a citadel for the long-struggled Naga movement. MSU stated that such actions were extremely despicable and unacceptable, adding it had no place in the Naga society.
While sympathizing with the NSF, MSU reaffirmed unflinching support and solidarity along with the rest of the Nagas at “this disturbing hour of anguish.”
PNTM: Vehemently condemning the act of vandalism, the Poumai Naga Tsiidoumai Me (PNTM) said that such “heinous act” goes against the very principle of humanity and the aspirations of the Naga people in particular.
In a press release, PNTM president Asahrii Clement K called upon the law enforcing agencies to promptly initiate appropriate legal proceedings against those perpetrators.
PNTM extended support and solidarity to the federation and assured that it would extend maximum cooperation in the pursuit of justice.
LKK: Lamkang Kurchuknao Kunpun (LKK) denounced the vandalisation of NSF office by “certain unknown anti-Naga elements” and appealed to the law enforcing agencies to arrest the perpetrators at the earliest.
In a statement, LKK president Shetlengam Sankhil appealed to every right-thinking Naga citizen to come forward and voice out against such “anti-Naga elements.”
LKK endorsed the NSF in solving the issue and assured to render support in whatever way possible.
MNSU: Monsang Naga Students’ Union (MNSU) expressed dismay over the act of vandalism by “some anti-Naga elements” and maintained that such “untoward act of destruction” was a threat to the entire Naga nation.
In a press release, MNSU president Gidion Kurd and general secretary Wanglar Phillip called upon the responsible authorities to take necessary action at the earliest. MNSU said that “such irrational act” was an “open agenda” to destroy the unified Naga spirit. The union also affirmed support to the NSF.
MNSU: Moyon Naga Students’ Union (MNSU) expressed concern over the incident of vandalization and said that “such brazen act” of disrespect and disregard was truly disturbing.
In a press release, MNSU president Fabiola Chinir stated that such “unwarranted act” undermined the invaluable efforts and contributions of the NSF.
The union demanded thorough investigation into this incident and ensure that those responsible were held accountable for their actions.
MNSU also affirmed to stand in solidarity with the NSF and extended unwavering support in the course of action that the federation would take up.



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