Monday, January 30, 2023

Conference of Ao villages established from Koritang


The third edition of “Kortang Nungi Yim Kumtetta Aoertem Telongjem Mungdang” (3rd conference of a conglomerate of Ao villages established from Koritang) was held at Chuchuyimpang village, under Mokokchung district, here, on Saturday.
The conference was inaugurated by Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) spokesperson, Merentoshi R. Jamir, who attended the conference on behalf of minister of Rural Development, Metsübo Jamir.
Speaking at the programme, Merentoshi pointed out that the society was filled with unions and associations which he said, could otherwise disintegrate the very fabric of unity, which was once the pride before. He, however, felt that this association of eight villages could become a catalyst in bringing unity and rebuilding the society.
Merentoshi lamented at the fragmented society, especially among the Aos and called upon all the members of the community to stand united, which he said, was the need of the hour.
Further, he called on the association to be leaders in making the society stronger and united.
Merentoshi also stated that it was also an opportune time, especially for the youth, to learn culture and traditions as he had also learnt in the conference especially with regard to the history and origins.
At the programme, short speeches were delivered by Talichuba, chairman VC Longsa, Talichiba, Tatar Khensa and M. Lepden Jamir, chairman VC Longkong.
The conference also witnessed presentation of genesis songs (yimkum ken) of respective villages from Chuchuyimpang, Khensa, Longsa, Longmisa, Longkong and Moalenden villages. Theme speaker Merensosang, chairman VC Longmisa spoke on the topic “putipuin liromedema rizungtetba”.
The conference also elected a new team of office bearers led by Repatemsu Jamir Chuchuyimpang and general secretary Nangshikoba Longkumer (Longkong).

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