Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Confusion over Govt clarification on Rs.300 cr SPA

A clarification issued by the state Planning & Co-ordination department on November 24 to allegations made by K. Asungba Sangtam, former Lok Sabha MP, that people (a) “did not know” about Rs.300 crore sanctioned to Nagaland for Eastern Nagaland and also (b) “nobody knows today, where that package has gone, ” has raised more doubts than settling the issue.
Asungba had made the remark during a TV discussion with Wasbir Hussain on ENPO demand for statehood.
The P & C department in its communiqué cited available documents of discussions held for the Annual Plan for 2012-13 held on June 26,2012 between the dy. chairman Planning Commission with Nagaland chief minister after which the PC agreed to provide Special Plan Assistance (SPA) / Special Central Assistance (SCA) package for Eastern Nagaland region of Rs.300 crore but subject to availability of additional resources from the Ministry of Finance.
The department said the amount was to be utilised for identified projects to be approved by the PC. It said the details of the above, were noted in the approval of the Annual Plan 2012-13 and conveyed by the PC on its letter dated June 18,2012.
Based on this, the department said the state therefore submitted proposals for Rs. 333.33 crore to the PC for approval but the latter informed that under additional central resources (SPA) the government of India “has not approved/released the whole amount of Rs. 300.00 crore” and also communicated to the then chief secretary on May 16,2013(Para 1(d)) The department reiterated that “the government of India did not “approve the proposals for Rs. 333.33 crore for Eastern Nagaland region and no fund was released to the state government”. Therefore, the “allegation of misutilisation of the said funds if therefore, without any basis”.
What is also interesting to note is that the DAN-II government had admitted that the state received the amount from the Planning Commission of India and which was also discussed during the 12th session of the 11th Nagaland Legislative Assembly during 2012-13, and also as reported by various media including national news agencies.
The following are some of the extracts from various reports pertaining to the period 2012-13 when the fund was mentioned in the 11th NLA.
Nagaland chief minister Neiphiu Rio, had during the twelfth session of the eleventh Nagaland Legislative assembly on September 21,2012 said that the grant from the Planning Commission of India (PCI) as special development package for Eastern Nagaland would be brought in the form of supplementary grants and not under revised demands of grants as demanded by the opposition Congress.
According to a UNI report, it said that the Government of Nagaland has admitted that it received from the Planning Commission of India Rs 300 crore over and above the anticipated amount as per the budget provision of 2012-13 passed during the Budget Session earlier this year to cover development deficits in Eastern Naga areas.
Replying to a starred question, Nagaland Planning and Coordination Minister TR Zeliang explained that in March this year(2012), the Assembly had passed the Budget for 2012-13 –under Plan at Rs 216468.20 lakh, comprising Rs 200000.00 lakh under state Plan and Rs 16468.20 under Non-Lapsable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR).
However, Planning Commission provided Rs 230000.00 under state plan which includes Rs 30000.00 lakh as Special Plan Assistance (SPA) package for Eastern Nagaland under the Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organization (ENPO), he said.
He said the government plans to spend the excess amount received from the Planning Commission, since the additional amount of Rs 3 crore received is a Special Plan Assistance (SPA) package for Eastern Nagaland, the state planning board has sub-allocated Rs 33333.00 lakh by adding 10 per cent state share to 13 Departments for implementation of various projects during 2012-13.

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