Sunday, June 4, 2023

Consumers buy chickens in Assam after PUD ban

Staff Reporter

Hordes of people from Dimapur have started to visit nearby Lahorijan(Karbi Anglong) to buy chickens etc after Poultry Union Dimapur (PUD) called for a ban under its jurisdiction from May 17.
The issue was triggered by a recent revision of poultry products issued by Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC). The PUD was irked by the DMC rate which fixed poultry lower than that of nearby markets in Karbi Anglong.
PUD had pointed out that in Assam, price of live chicken was currently Rs 180-190 per kg while dressed chicken was Rs 300 per kg. On the other hand, the price fixed by DMC was Rs 160 per kg for live broiler and Rs 250 per kg for dressed broiler.
The non-availability of poultry has caused hardship for those running restaurants, hotels and hostels.
One poultry buyer requested DMC to conduct proper market research before fixing prices of such commodities.
One person running a poultry business told this Reporter that DMC had fixed the prices of chicken without ascertaining the prevalent rate in Assam. Since the selling rate fixed was lower than that prevailing in Assam, he said this compelled PUD to declare a ban on sale of chickens. He requested the council to revise the rates fixed so that local entrepreneurs engaged in selling of poultry could restart their business at the earliest.
Another customer who went to Lahorijan to buy chickens, told this Reporter that DMC need to consider overall aspects before deciding on the price of every commodity. He felt that DMC can hardly enforce any of its orders and for which some persons could even sell chicken at black market rates.
“It is an open fact that most of the poultry sold in Dimapur were bought from Assam. I believe it would not be much of a hassle for the authority concerned to enquire or investigate the rate in Assam,” he said.
Meanwhile, PUD requested DMC to review the rates so that local traders could call off the ban and resume the trade.


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