Saturday, March 25, 2023

CPO urges state govt to review Nagaland Municipal Act 2001

Joining various other organisations, Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) has resolved that the state government review/amend the Nagaland Municipal Act 2001 during the forthcoming Assembly session and bring out “a workable Act” before holding the election to the urban local bodies.
In a press release, CPO president Vezuhu Keyho and general secretary Chepetso Koza informed that the resolution was arrived at during the consultative meeting held on March 15 2023 with all frontal organizations, public leaders, all responsible civil society groups, intellectuals, and individuals.
CPO has also declared its “firm and uncompromising stand” on NMA 2001 vis-à-vis ULBs election, that the NMA 2001 infringed upon Article 371(A) and, therefore, the Act be amended in a way so as to not infringe upon Article 371(A).
CPO demanded that “Tax on Land and Building” should be repealed and deleted from the NMA 2001 as it infringed on the rights of the Nagas enshrined under Article 371(A), as the article was “sacrosanct” to the identity and survival of the Nagas as a people.
It also demanded review of the policy on women reservation as per local and social practices.
CPO warned that it will be compelled to refrain from participation in the ULB polls within its jurisdiction, unless the government acted upon the wishes and desires of the people over the clauses listed above.


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