Monday, February 6, 2023

CPO, WSH, JCCV resolve to accept govt notification

Chakhroma Public Organisation (CPO), Western Sümi Hoho (WSH) and Joint Co-ordination Committee of Villages (JCCV) Dhansiripar have resolved to accept and stand by the government notification dated December 20, 2021, which notified Chümoukedima district administrative jurisdiction.
In a joint statement, CPO president Vichütuolie Mere, WSH president Shikaho Jimo, JCCV convenor LK Swu and co-convenor Tsithrongse Sangtam and DPON president K.Naben said that the resolution was adopted at a joint meeting of the three bodies held at Thahekhu village on June 11, 2022.
The joint meeting, which deliberated on JCCV Dhansiripar demands and government notification dated June 3, 2022 on inter-district boundary, also resolved to respect existing village boundaries under Dhansiripar sub-division.
Further, the meeting resolved to support Joint Co-ordination Committee of Villages (JCCV) Dhansiripar demands submitted to the government.

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