Friday, December 2, 2022

CSC threatens ‘indefinite’ stir

Chang Students’ Conference (CSC) has threatened to launch “indefinite agitation” at Tuensang headquarters starting June 13, 2022 over the issue of land acquisition for re-location of DIET in Tuensang.
In a press release, CSC president C Pongsu stated that the CSC has on May 12, 2022 served a 15-day ultimatum on the commissioner Nagaland for implementations of the letter No. CNR-2/4/96(PT-1), dated June 11, 2019.
The conference said it had also appealed to the responsible authorities by submitting numerous letters for the same. Further, the conference said various talks were held with the competent authorities and had been initiating “for nearly a decade in providing the best assist for the earliest implementations of the same.”
CSC pointed out that the government, department of SCERT and the land owners (witnessed by Chang Students’ Conference and Village Council Chongpo Khel Tuensang village) had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the re-location of DIET at Tuensang: first on 27/06/2017, second on 08/05/2018, third on 08/09/2019 and fourth on 16/03/2022.
However, CSC said the government and department have not made the required payment for the proposed land so far. It said non-payment was further hindering the progress of DIET causing “untold hardship” to students to undergo training due to lack of infrastructures.
CSC has, therefore, cautioned that government’s failure to address its demand would compel the conference to start indefinite agitation at Tuensang headquarters from June 13, 2022.

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