Sunday, December 4, 2022

CSOs to impose indefinite NH-129A blockade from Aug 10

Several civil society organizations (CSOs)– Nagaland Zeliang Peoples’ Organization (NZPO), Zeliangrong Baudi Nagaland (ZB-N), Zeme Council Nagaland (ZC-N), and Liangmai Council Nagaland (LC-N), have decided to impose an “indefinite lockdown” of NH-129A from August 10, 2022.
In a joint statement, presidents of NZPO Kevipele Iheilung, ZB (N) C.R. Zeliang, ZC (N) Dr. Tumda Newme and LC (N) Khenglubo said the lockdown will be imposed till the state government “evict illegal inhabitants” of a village– which was allowed to be set up by Lamhai village in 1979-80– along with five other “unrecognized encroacher and self-styled villages”, recall and revoke the list of damage compensation under package 3, two lane National Highway 129A in respect of the erstwhile Kiyevi village.
The CSOs also demanded that the perpetrators of the murder of three innocent men from Lamhainamdi on March 22, 2021 be immediately booked and taken into custody.
The CSOs claimed that the erstwhile land of a village, now occupied by the five villages, was traditional Zeliang land, belonging to Lamhai village.
They also claimed that Zeliang land includes Dhansiripar area of Dimapur and shared traditional boundary only with Chakro Angamis and none other.
The CSOs said that, historically, the villages were “self-styled and unrecognised” and had no legitimate claim over the land belonging to Zeliang people since they were originally from another district.
It also cited instances where several persons were allegedly killed between 1976 to 2021.
In all the above instances, the CSOs said Lamhai village and the Zeliang tribe never reacted, but had sought justice from the State, which never came.
The CSOs alleged that the state officials sided with the perpetrators by allowing them to carry out developmental activities on their land, while suppressing and restricting the original landowners from taking up any developmental work on their own land.
Despite submitting several representations to the government seeking justice, the CSOs said no positive response has been received.
They also claimed that the perpetrators arrested for the March 22, 2021 murder were set free for reasons best known to the authority.
The CSOs said they could no longer wait for justice to be done and as such “the moment has arrived for us to take a stand and here we shall stand, and there shall be no turning back.”

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