Tuesday, February 7, 2023

CTAN asks govt to review interview marks for CTSE

Combined Technical Association of Nagaland (CTAN) has appealed to the State government to review and follow suit the interview marking system as the of NPSC (CSE) which was reduced from 75 to 55 (26.67%).
In a rejoinder, CTAN recalled that the government had constituted NSSB in 2020. But, the draft of NSSB 2020 Rule 45 (Personal Interview) Clause 10 (annexure – 1) made a mention of marks to be allotted in personal interview as 12.5% of total marks of examination process.
It called for doing away with interview as mentioned in its charter of demand and appealed to the authority concerned to give the points it had raised top priority for the welfare of educated Nagas and in line with the policy of Central government. CTAN mentioned that the reduction of interview marks and setting up of NSSB were the outcome of many sacrifices made by educated Naga youth. It pointed out that the ill-effect of having interview marks in NSSB was dragging many candidates towards seeking recommendation from bureaucrats, killing the very spirit of setting up NSSB to pave way for deserving and hardworking candidates.

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