Wednesday, June 7, 2023

CWS directs govt employees to be at place posting

The Chang Wedoshi Setshang (Chang Students’ Conference) held its first monthly review meeting on April 26 and resolved various points.
A press release issued by CWS president, C. Pongsu and co-ordinator media cell, Lanusangle have directed all the employees of government established office under Tuensang to be at their respective place of posting without fail.
It also directed all the employees under District Hospital Tuensang, Community Health Centre, Primary Health Centre and Sub-centres under Chang jurisdiction to be stationed at their respective place of posting.
While opposing the practice of proxy teachers, the Chang Wedoshi Setshang has appealed the Department of School Education to look into the matter of the ongoing rationalisation of teachers stating that many teachers have been transferred from the district without replacement which hampers the academic activities of the schools and career of students.
While opposing the random rationalisation of teachers without following the notification of staffing pattern, Chang Students’ Conference stated that it has found many schools running without requisite teachers as per the notification of staffing pattern.


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