Wednesday, September 27, 2023

CWS halts Cl-XI admission process at 2 GHSSs in Tuensang

Chang Students’ Conference (CWS) on Tuesday put a halt to the admission process for Class 11 in those two schools, pointing out that the only two government higher secondary schools (GHSSs) in Tuensang were not in a state to accommodate all the qualified Class X students due to lack of classrooms and shortage of teachers
In a memorandum to the principal director, school education through DC Tuensang, CWS president C. Pongsu and general secretary Sanglekhamba stated that the total number of students who filled up the admission forms this year (2023) in those two schools were 687 fresh candidates and 93 repeaters. Out of the total, CWS said that only 370 students would be accommodated as per the intake capacity of the school.
Taking note of the condition, CWS said it wrote a letter to principal director school education in support of upgradation of GHS Hakushang to GHSS, which was approved at the District Planning and Development Board (DPDB) meeting held on March 16, 2023. However, CWS said that no positive response had been received so far.
Therefore, in light of the above, the conference said it had put a halt to admission process for class XI in those two schools from June 6, 2023 until the department provide an alternative arrangement to accommodate those students who filled up the admission form.
CWS stated that people of Tuensang undergo difficulties every year for the new admission of class 11 students.
Pointing out that in 2022 there were around 180 students, who could not get admission, the conference said that it had to hurriedly construct one class room at GHSS Thangjam from its fund. It said one new class section was created and 100 students, who were left helplessly without getting admission, were accommodated and the remaining 80 students were accommodated at GHSS Tuensang, which increased the enrolment of 150 students in one classroom.
CWS also said it had along with school authorities and the community highlighted the issue and appraised the department of the need to deploy teaching staff and open more GHSS in Tuensang. However, it said there was no positive response and intervention from department so far.
The conference maintained that it had been trying its best for past few years and did every possible way for temporary solution. “Having learned that the temporary solution will not ease the problem faced by the people, the CWS has taken these steps for the welfare of students of Tuensang district,” it stated.



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