Wednesday, March 29, 2023

DC Chumou notifies goods transport vehicles

Following the state government prohibiting movement of transport vehicles beyond three-axle along NH-29 stretch, deputy commissioner Chumoukedima Abhinav Shivam has notified that goods transport vehicles are to carry only permissible weight as per the Registration Certificate and obtain a weight measuring certificate from the weighing stations located at 7th Mile Inter-State Truck Terminal, Chumoukedima, for which the diversion point would be at 7th Mile Junction.
In a notice, DC informed that a temporary check point would be set up near Chathe Bridge, Ward-1 to check the transit of restricted vehicles.
DC said overloaded vehicles would be fined an amount of Rs.20000 and an additional amount of Rs.2000 per tonne of excess load, together with the liability to pay charges for offloading of excess load.
Meanwhile, according to Kohima police, 50 heavy trucks were penalized and nine others detained for driving vehicle exceeding permissible weight (overloading) along NH-29.


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