Saturday, December 10, 2022

DC Dimapur urges children to understand poll process

The deputy commissioner (DC) Dimapur, Sachin Jaiswal Thursday, urged upon children to seek to understand the process of elections, in their respective locations, and start working towards ensuring free and fair elections.
In a press release, Development Association of Nagaland (DAN) stated that the DC was speaking at the District Children’s Parliament, annual interface meeting with the duty bearers and the second general session at DAN Training, Centre.
“Children should seek to understand the process of elections in their respective locations and start working towards ensuring free and fair elections,” said Sachin.
The DC said the children have a vital role to play in ensuring that the democratic system and values are upheld. He then exhorted the young leaders to make their voices heard in different platforms in regard to the issues that are affecting our progress and development.
Sachin opined that the Children’s Parliament was one of the best platforms for the children to hone their leadership skills. Together with learning about their rights, he the children have to understand the importance of their duties as the future of their communities and the country.
The DC also stressed on ensuring gender equality in the families, institutions, communities and the country at large for sustainable development.
DAN director Rev. Fr. Sajan Joseph exhorted the children to identify the concerns that affect them and voice them out in the right platforms. “When you become the voice of the voiceless, you become leaders to serve our people,” said Rev. Joseph.
The focus group discussions were held with the resource persons by the members of the children’s parliament wherein the children had an opportunity to directly interact with the officials and get to know about the functions and processes and procedures in the respective institutions. The resource persons encouraged the children to actively engage with the departments and also to share the learning with their friends and family.
The resource persons for the focus group discussions were ADCP, (women and juvenile), Dr. Tiamenla Phom, SMO, district mental health programme, Temsuyanger Ao, SWI, DWO, Dimapur, Shikato Zhimo, centre coordinator, Sakhi One Stop Centre, Weri-u Mero and chairperson, CWC Dimapur, Susan Lotha. The event was attended by 65 representatives from six institutions and two neighbourhood parliaments.

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