Thursday, June 1, 2023

DC Kiphire refutes ARSU, AAGBU claims

DC Kiphire has refuted the claims made by Amahator Range Students’ Union (ARSU) and Amahator Area GBs Union (AAGBU) concerning the “unequal fund distribution” under Kiphire aspirational district projects. In a press release, DC Kiphire, T Wati Aier, stated that he had a meeting with ARSU and AAGBU and clarified that funds approved and sanctioned by various Ministry/CSR till date was only Rs.12.18 crore and not Rs.35 crore as alleged them. DC also stated that the allegation by ARSU and AAGBU was also found to be baseless as the total fund allocated to Amahator range amounted to Rs 6639,606 and not Rs.11.28 lakh.


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