Tuesday, November 29, 2022

DC Kohima lifts ban on slaughter of pigs

Deputy Commissioner Kohima has lifted the ban imposed on slaughter of pigs, import/export of live pigs/piglets/pork in Kohima with immediate effect.
According to DIPR report, the DC in an order stated that ban imposed in the infected zones and Surveillance Zones (ASF) at Viswema, Jakhama, Khuzama, Kigwema, Kidima, Kezoma, Phesama, Pfuchama, Mima, Mitelephe, Dzülekie, Khonoma, Dzürüzü near KMC Dumping Site (New Meriema), Meriema, Old and New Tsiesema, High School Area Kohima, Khuzama and Chiechama villages have been lifted in view of elapse of four months time period since the detection of first case of African Swine Fever, having followed the protocol of ‘National Action Plan’ for Control, Containment and Eradication of ASF laid down by Government of India, and with no further report of new outbreak.

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