Sunday, June 4, 2023

DC Kohima orders shifting of parking areas

Deputy commissioner (DC) Kohima, Shanavas C on September 22, has issued an order with regard to shifting of parking zone/areas for local taxis, regional taxis, and buses as per decision of the RTA meeting held on September 16.
In an order, DC informed that ISBT Kohima is designated for taxis/NST & private bus services bound for Dimapur, Jalukie, Mon, Guwahati and Shillong; KMC Chaü Parking, Upper Agri for taxis and bus services bound for the western region; KMC Tata Parking at High school Colony below Govt Polytechnic Institute (Rüliezou) for Northern bound taxis and buses for Tseminyu, Wokha, Mokokchung and Tuensang; Keyake Tri-Junction for Phek, Zunheboto, Kiphrie, and Meluri-bound taxis and buses and Below Police Project Office, New Reserve, Phesama for Southern bound taxis and buses.
To facilitate smooth transition, all city buses plying from High School Junction to BOC Junction will be permitted to ply from NPSC office Junction till Police Project Office, New Reserve, Phesama; Phoolbari Junction, Kohima shall henceforth be designated as the Dedicated Parking Area for Local Taxis/ Kohima Smart City Buses plying to ISBT Kohima as feeder services; picking and dropping off passengers by regional taxis within Kohima Municipal Area will be strictly prohibited; ANTA, Kohima Unit will be in charge of waste management and pay and use toilet at ISBT Kohima.
Kohima Municipal Council (KMC) will assist ANTA in collection and disposal of waste generated and senior SP Kohima will ensure smooth management of traffic at ISBT Kohima.
As per decision of RTA meeting on September 22, the following rates are fixed for local taxis/regional taxis/ city buses according to the route with Rs.80 (base rate) + Rs. 42 per KM— Local taxi-full hire—
Phoolbari to ISBT Kohima (Rs.160); High school junction to KMC Tata Parking (Rs.80); Razu Point to Keyake Tri-Junction (Rs.160) and PHQ junction to KMC Chaü Parking (Rs. 80).
Regional taxis per head—ISBT Kohima to Dimapur (Rs.330); City bus per head—Lerie to Police Project Office, New Reserve Phesama (Rs. 10); High school junction to New Secretariat (Rs.10) and New Secretariat to NPSC junction (Rs.10).
DC informed that the order will come into force from October 1, 2022 for strict compliance, and defaulters will be dealt with stern action as per relevant sections of the law.


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