Saturday, December 9, 2023

DC Mkg issues travel advisory

In view of major damage caused to the bailey bridge at KM12 along NH 202 (between Ungma and Longsa), DC Mokokchung, Thsuvisie Poji has restricted movement of all vehicles along the route/across the bridge with immediate effect.

DC informed that the department was in the process of initiating repair works, adding that till its completion no vehicles would be allowed to ply and non-compliance would invite penal action.

Therefore, travellers to/from districts like Tuensang, Shamator and Noklak have been advised to ply on alternative routes: New Sangsomong-Yehemi-Atoizu-Doyang; Mokokcung-Chuchuyimlang-Longmisa-Alisopur-Trongar-NH 202 and Mokokchung-Dikhu-Chare (shortcut). Further, EAC Ongpangkong has been asked to coordinate with the concerned departments and ensure compliance of the order.



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