Tuesday, January 31, 2023

DC Niuland lifts ban on sand mining with riders

Deputy Commissioner (DC) Niuland has lifted the ban imposed on all mining activities of sand, sand gravel and boulder with effect from December 26, 2022 on certain conditions and restrictions. In an order, DC Niuland Sara S Jamir notified that all sand gravel/boulder mining was strictly prohibited within 750 metres upstream and 750 metres downstream of Zubza bridge.
The order stated that only single vehicle was allowed to pass through Zubza bridge at a time.
It also stated that only 30 heavy vehicles (2 axle) would be allowed to ply on the bridge in a day. Further, the order stated that only 50 dumpers would be allowed to ply per day from Niuland to Old Showuba.
Meanwhile, DC notified that all heavy vehicles would be restricted to ply from Niuland to Old Showuba from 9am to 2pm till the completion of ongoing road construction.

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