Tuesday, December 6, 2022

DCCI appeals for safe, peaceful environment in Dimapur

Ahead of the festive season, the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) has appealed to the district administration and law enforcement agencies to set into motion mechanisms to ensure a safe, pleasant and peaceful environment in Dimapur.
In a press release, DCCI president Akashe K Zhimomi said that Dimapur, state’s commercial hub, would witness a flurry of activities and events with Hornbill Festival and festive season approaching.
DCCI said that increase in traffic snarls, congestion in markets and streets, rise in crimes and petty thefts and rampant illegal taxation and donation drives were among predictable daily scenarios.
Donation and fund drives: DCCI has appealed to the district administration led by the deputy commissioner not to authorise or give permission to any union/organisation to undertake donation and fund drives like sale of calendar, lottery etc. It said that sponsorship forced upon the business community by various unions and organisations to fund their winter conferences, events or jubilees have become a menace and a bane to society.
Streamlining of traffic: Lauding the Dimapur traffic police for its efforts in keeping the traffic flow bearable, DCCI has requested the traffic commissioner to deploy more tow-away trucks for vehicles violating traffic rules and impose heavy penalties to violators. DCCI also advised shop owners not to park their vehicles in front of their respective shops so as to give easier access to customers to park for shopping. It stated that drop and pick-up vehicles for shop owners will, in some way, ease traffic congestion.
Shops to open on Sundays: To facilitate shoppers/traders coming from other districts, DCCI has urged the shop owners and business houses to open their shutters on Sundays also at least until the festive season is over.
Eviction of footpath vendors: DCCI also requested Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC)/responsible authorities to evict/remove all footpath vendors in crowded streets and markets. The chamber said that footpath vendors were causing great inconvenience to pedestrians, shoppers and also shop owners due to congestions. It said that selling and trading on drainage slabs was very unhygienic, adding that vegetable wastes and other litters thrown into drains lead to foul smell and clogging of drains.
Enhancement of security: DCCI has appealed to the commissioner of police Dimapur, to enhance security for the safety and security of both the business community and shoppers.
DCCI said that many unwanted elements like pickpockets, robbers, gamblers and drunk drivers pose grave threat to life and security of citizens. DCCI said that police personnel so far have been providing safety and security to the citizens of Dimapur.
Meanwhile, DCCI has conveyed Diwali greetings to one and all.

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