Tuesday, March 21, 2023

DCCI asks Govt to strictly implement ban on check gates

Welcoming the state government’s order for immediate removal of all check gates within the state, the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) has appealed to the government and respective district administration to implement the order both in letter and spirit.
DCCI president Akashe Zhimomi and DCCI grievances cell convenor Omega Yepthomi pointed out that removal of all check gates has been a long-standing demand of the general public and various organizations, especially the business community. DCCI said the major contributor of price rise of all goods in Nagaland was due to “illegal taxation” imposed by both government agencies, departments and various groups/organizations. It expressed hope that the removal of check gates would “surely have a positive cascading effect” on prices of commodities.
DCCI also said various departments/agencies have been making a mockery of past government ban orders by re-opening check gates and toll booths. DCCI said this time, the recent order should serve as a reminder to be strictly implemented.
Meanwhile, DCCI alleged that Dimapur-based transporters were still facing the brunt of illegal taxation and harassment from various groups and anti-social elements. “These groups and elements are indulging in ‘dalali’ practices and pressure tactics on transporters including force-closure of transport offices and subtle threats through SMSs,” DCCI alleged.
DCCI said it had time and again reiterated that the business community and transporters would never bow down to such pressure tactics and therefore it was also the bounden duty of the government to take stringent measures to curb such illegal activities. DCCI said such illegal activities amounted to daylight robbery, and demanded that the culprits be punished. DCCI said that the business community would be compelled to file FIRs if the responsible authorities failed to take immediate steps to check harassment of transporters and business community as a whole. DCCI expressed hope that with the latest order, various government departments would also fall in line.
Further, DCCI pointed out that as per GST regime, collection of municipal toll tax at check gates has become obsolete. It pointed out that by doing away with toll tax, prices of all commodities would be reduced and in turn benefit the public.
Reminding that Dimapur was called as the ‘commercial hub’ of ‘commercial district’ of Nagaland, DCCI, however, lamented that in reality, most activities have shifted to neighbouring towns in Assam due to rampant taxation. It lamented that at present, Dimapur was no longer a vibrant commercial hub due to rampant and illegal taxation by both government agencies/various groups. DCCI reminded that it was the collective responsibility of the government and every citizen of Dimapur to ensure that the city prospered and flourished.


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