Sunday, November 27, 2022

DCs and DEOs inform on publication of draft photo electoral roll

Deputy Commissioners (DCs)and District Election Officers (DEOs)have informed that draft photo electoral roll has been prepared and published for all assembly constituency.
According to a DIPR report, DCs and DEOs have informed that the electoral roll has been prepared following the Registration of Electors Rules, 1960. The qualifying date for the preparation of the electoral roll is January1, 2023.
DCs and DEOs said that if concerning the above-said qualifying date, there be any claim for the inclusion of a name in the roll or any objection to the inclusion of a name or any objection to particulars in any entry, it should be lodged on or before December 8, 2022 in Form 6, 7, or 8 as may be appropriate.
It has been informed that every such claim or objection should either be presented to the concerned office or the booth level officers or sent by post to the address given below to reach the office no later than the aforesaid date.
Further, DCs and DEOs have informed that an eligible citizen, who is going to attain the age of eighteen years on any of the subsequent qualifying dates in the year 2023, that is to say, April 1, 2023, July 1, 2020 and October 1, 2023, may also file his or her claim for inclusion of his or her name in the role, in Form-6, in advance, starting from the date of the notice, and the same shall be considered and decided in the respective quarter of the year concerning the respective qualifying date.
In Dimapur, DC and DEO Dimapur have notified the publication of the electoral roll in the draft which the electors of 1-Dimapur-1/2-Dimapur-II/3-Dimapur-III Assembly Constituency. It has informed that the final list of polling station for 1-Dimapur-1/2-Dimapur-II/3-Dimapur-III Assembly Constituencies have been prepared and published.
Kohima: The draft publication of the special summary revision w.r.t. January 1, 2023 as the qualifying date was published Wednesday in the office chamber of DC and DEO Kohima, Shanavas C.
Representatives of political parties attended the programme where copies of the draft roll were handed over to the recognized political parties during the programme.
He requested all the political parties to give maximum awareness in this regard for correction of any inclusion or deletion in the electoral roll and also to ensure a clean e-roll after this exercise for the benefit of everyone.
Meanwhile, office of the DC and DEO Kohima has issued a notice of publication of the electoral roll in draft to all the assembly constituencies under Kohima district. DC and DEO have informed that a copy thereof was available for inspection at DC & DEO office, and at the polling station during office hours.
Wokha: Special summary revision w.r.t. January 1, 2023 as the qualifying date for draft publication for Wokha district was held at
DC Conference Hall, Wokha. All political parties, DC Wokha ADC, AEO, and staff attended the programme.
DC Wokha,Ajit Kumar Ranjan and ADC Wokha handed over the draft roll/ electoral roll to all political parties for the four assembly constituencies under Wokha district.
Zunheboto: A meeting for the publication of draft electoral rolls was held Wednesday in Zunheboto, wherein ADC and Electoral Registration Officer Zunheboto, Moakumzuk Tzudir appealed for a clean election process.
Tzudir said they should be responsible and participate wholeheartedly and that it was a democratic, constitutional duty to participate in the electoral process. Electing a responsible person should be the priority. He also requested the BLOs and political parties to make a difference in this coming election.
Deputy Commissioner Zunheboto, Rahul Bhanudas Mali also spoke in the meeting and encouraged the young first-time voters stating that the leaders represent them and what values and ethics they follow they will get such a leader.
The meeting was attended by political parties, BLOs, and school students.
Meanwhile, ADC and ERO Zunheboto, Moakumzuk Tzudir in a notification informed the Electors of 31 Akuluto, 32 Atoizu, 33 Suruhuto, 34 Aghunato, 35 Zunheboto & 36 Satakha Assembly Constituencies that the electoral roll has been prepared, and a copy thereof is available for inspection at the office, and at AEROs 31-Akuluto, 32-Atoizu, 33-Suruhuto, 34-Aghunato, 35-Zunheboto & 36-Satakha A/Cs during office hours.

DC & DEO Kohima Shanavas C along with other officials and political parties during the draft publication. (DIPR)
A meeting for the publication of draft electoral rolls was held at Zunheboto on November 9. (DIPR)
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