Wednesday, November 29, 2023

DCs urged to decide on assignment of VDBs and VCs

Nagaland State VDB Association (NSVDBA) at a consultative meeting held in Kohima on September 15, 2023 resolved to appraise the deputy commissioner and VDB chairman of each district to distinguish the assignment of Village Development Boards and Village Council as it was creating confusion amongst the two entities.

In a press release, NSVDBA president Tohoshe Awomi and general secretary Manthung Kikon stated that recently during the Independent Day celebration, the district administration assigned the celebration of “Har Ghar Tiranga” and “Mera Mati Mera Desh” to the Village Council and VDB, which created disorder as VDB was burdened with developmental work and its responsibilities.

The association stated that VDB was in no position to shoulder the responsibilities of other administrative activities and was also creating uneasiness as the village council has been feeling left aside.
Therefore, the association has requested the responsible authorities to distinguish the assignment of the VC and VDB in future for the smooth functioning within the village.

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Further, the meeting also resolved to appeal to all the BDOs of 74 RD Blocks to be in their place of posting and complete the geo-tagging of 15th Finance Commission and submit the Utilization Certificate to the department so the department could submit it to the MoRD. The association also appealed to the VDBs to report to the association if any officers were found to be absent in their place of posting and not able to complete the geo-tag in time.

Meanwhile, the association informed the responsible department that the structure model in the (DPR) issued by the department to the PMAY–G beneficiaries cannot be fully implemented in Nagaland as the structures model were mainly meant for plain areas and not suitable for hilly areas.

In the hilly areas such as the state of Nagaland, NSVDBA said the side levelling for any construction work was inevitable, which bears the utmost cost. The association has, therefore, appealed to the department to take up the issue with the MoRD and rectify the structure model in such a way that it was suitable for hilly areas for the successful implementation of the scheme.



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