Thursday, December 8, 2022

Delhi Jal Board official bathes in Yamuna after BJP’s poison allegation

The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) director Sanjay Sharma took a bath in the Yamuna water after adding a defoamer to it to prove that the water is not poisonous. Sharma collected water from the river and took a bath on the banks after BJP MP Parvesh Verma alleged that the Yamuna water is toxic and challenged him to bathe in this water.
A day after filing a complaint against the BJP MP Parvesh Verma, he took a bath in the Yamuna water. This controversy broke after the defoamer chemical was spread on the Yamuna river ahead of Chhath puja in an attempt to get rid of the foam.
After taking a bath in Yamun water, the DJB director said, “This is not any message to Pravesh Verma Ji. He is our honorable MP. This message is for the people of Delhi.”
He said that misconceptions are spreading all around and he did this to show that the chemical is not toxic.
“We took water in which the chemical was mixed. After that, more chemicals were added to it and I took a bath. I am fine and there is no problem with my skin,” he added.
Talking about the chemical, he claimed that it’s a food-grade chemical. “It’s a chemical of the Polyoxypropylene group. It’s not poisonous. It is also used in cosmetics and food processing.” He said that Yamuna is clean and safe for Chhath Puja.

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