Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Dev plans for Naga Shopping Arcade in pipeline: Development Authority of Nagaland chairman

Staff Reporter

Chairman Development Authority of Nagaland (DAN) Dr Watizulu informed that the authority has plans for developing Naga Shopping Arcade (NSA), provided required funds were provided.
Speaking with Nagaland Post, Watizulu described NSA as the face of Nagaland but still lacking in many aspects.
He disclosed that DAN plans to tackle the problem of lack of drainage and for which budget had already been worked out and presented to the State government. The exteriors of the Arcade would also be repainted if funds was made available.
It may be recalled that NSA was constructed to enable educated unemployed Naga youth to run their business. However, over the years, non-Nagas are running most of the shops allotted to Naga youths.
Asked about this, Watizulu admitted that the trend was prevalent across Dimapur.
He assured that DAN would discuss the matter seriously and that within two to three months, punitive action would be taken after thorough deliberation and investigation.
“We have to work out what are the main problems behind these and take actions accordingly,” he added.
Watizulu made it clear that NSA was meant to be a commercial centre, but regretted that some of the tenants were using it for residential purposes. He said DAN would look into the matter and do away with the practice.
“Tenants should understand that this is a commercial centre and not a residential complex,” he emphasised.
He said DAN would also conduct checks on sale of liquor and other illegal businesses.
He also disclosed that DAN would hold meetings with Tenants’ Association of Naga Shopping Arcade, Dimapur district administration and Business Association of Nagaland to improve ,beautify and effect a make over of NSA.
Even as the DAN chairman shared his plans of a make over for NSA, the area was thronged with hundreds of stalls set up by for sale of local products at the weekly Wednesday market. The DAN had re-allocated and shifted sellers of local products from the roadside above to des-ignated stalls behind the complex. The same area had earlier been declared out of bounds for sellers of local products as the stalls caused problems not only to traffic but also for those visit-ing the shops at the NSA.



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