Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Diddy: Gas prices impacting air travel

Music mogul Sean Diddy Combs said he will fly in and out of Los Angeles on commercial airlines instead of using private airplanes due to high fuel prices.
The music producer said in an online YouTube posting that the rising cost of gasoline in the United States and abroad is making him reconsider using his private jet to traipse around the world, Fox News reported Friday.
As you know, I do have my own jet, but I’ve been having to fly back and forth to L.A. pursuing my acting career. Now, if I’m flying back and forth twice a month, that’s like $200,000, $250,00 round trip, Combs said. I’m back on American Airlines. The Making the Band host also asked those in countries rich with oil to help him save a few dollars at the pump in the future, Fox News reported.
Give a shout out to all my Saudi Arabia brothers and sisters and all the brothers and sisters in all the countries that have oil — if you could please send me some oil for my jet, I would truly appreciate it, the Bad Boy Records official said in his Internet video.


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