Friday, March 24, 2023

Dimapur city needs clean and hygienic environment

Staff Reporters

Dimapur City is in dire need of an efficient system to clear and clean drainage and stagnant water besides collection and disposal of heaps of garbage collected across almost all places especially the marker area.

Nagaland Post had earlier published a report along with photo of effluent from a side drain spilling on to NL Road which was not only an eye sore but emitting foul smell.
The Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) immediately responded by cleaning the spot. However few weeks later, dirty water again spilled over from the side drain into NL Road but at another spot.

As more effluent spilled over to roadside, the accumulation of dirty water is posing health hazard besides emitting foul smell.
The municipal authorities need to give more focus on maintaining clean and healthy environment in Dimapur City as more visitors and tourists arrive for various purposes.
Shopkeepers claimed that they had lodged several complaints with DMC, but lamented that its only response was like applying band aid to a serious problem.

On accumulating garbage especially inside markets, a shopkeeper said that though the DMC did collect rubbish etc. and also cleared drains, yet the problem was back to square one after three to four days.
The New Market, below the NL Road, is the busiest shopping area in Dimapur but fast becoming a centre for rotten garbage, uncollected trash and foul smell. Thousands of people go to the market everyday to buy live meat, fish, eggs, vegetables.

A shopkeeper said his fervent hope is that after the Urban Local Body elections the newly constituted Dimapur Municipal Council body will pursue the goal of making Dimapur City one of the cleanest in the north east.


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