Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Dimapur CSOs reaffirm ‘one govt, one tax’; to form core committee

All Dimapur-based tribal Hohos/unions and civil society organizations (CSOs) have resolved to reaffirm the public resolution of “One Government, One Tax” adopted at the people’s rally at Clock Tower junction Dimapur on October 31, 2013.
This was among the three-point resolution unanimously adopted at a consultative meeting held at Tourist Lodge Dimapur on December 7, 2022, under the aegis of Naga Council Dimapur (NCD).
The resolution, jointly signed by NCD president Etsungmomo Kikon and general secretary LK Peter Anal, stated that the public have had enough of illegal taxation, extortion, syndicate by individuals, groups and government agencies and “will no longer be mute spectators but will undertake concrete action with appropriate authorities.”
At the meeting, the house endorsed NCD to form and empower the Core Committee consisting of the members of Vigilance Committee, NCD; presidents/chairmen of Dimapur-based tribal hohos/Unions; Representatives of DCCF, DUCCF, DDGBA, DNSU, NWHD, DCCI, BAN, EDBA, non-Naga communities and representatives of village councils.
Earlier, NCD president Etsungmomo Kikon highlighted the agenda of the meeting for the formation of the Core Committee in order to implement the October 31, 2013 public resolution, as re-affirmed during consultative meeting of NCD with Dimapur-based CSOs and non-Naga communities on November 30, 2022.
NCD president asserted that the resolution should be implemented through community participation as public pressure was “mounting day by day and may burst out any time soon if no remedial measures are taken immediately.”
Kikon told the house that numerous complaints on extortions and multiple taxation have been increasing post-pandemic lockdown.
NCD president said it was high time that citizens “take ownership of the city and safeguard it too.”
The meeting was chaired by vigilance committee co-convener Hotoshe Sumi.
The recording secretaries included NCD general secretary LK Peter Anal and DNSU general secretary Sedelo T Vadeo and the vote of thanks was proposed by NCD finance secretary M Sapong Chang.

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