Saturday, November 26, 2022

Dimapur District Autorickshaw Drivers Union (DDADU) to check driving licenses, uniforms

Staff Reporter

Dimapur District Autorickshaw Drivers’ Union (DDADU) has resolved to continue stern checking of driving licenses and uniforms of auto drivers.
Announcing this in a press conference at the union office on Saturday, DDADU president, Tito Yeptho said that the union held a meeting with the office staff and executive members and adopted a resolution where the union would continue to strictly check driver’s license and uniform.
He said that there were instances where auto drivers “from outside” had been coming to Dimapur and plying without proper driving licenses as “proxy drivers”.
Yeptho informed that in this regard, the union resolved to strictly check the driving licenses.
He also informed passengers to extend their cooperation by traveling in autos which had proper licenses and not to travel randomly.
The Dimapur District Autorickshaw Drivers’ Union president stated that the office received complaints of lost baggage of passengers, however there were instances where the union could not trace them due to improper identification.
In this regard, the union decided that they would not allow any driver without proper licenses, identity cards and uniforms in and around Dimapur.
Yeptho said that the union would be writing a letter to the deputy commissioner (DC) to continue with the checking.
Encouraging the unemployed youth to come out of their comfort zones and earn their livelihood, he suggested them to be part of the union or learn how to drive an auto since the auto drivers earned at least two to three thousand in a day.
He also informed that if any lady auto drivers wanted to be a part of the union, the union would assure to take into account: assurance certificate; uniform and identity card.
He also said the union would approach the government to apply for pink hoods for lady drivers instead of the yellow hoods.

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