Saturday, March 25, 2023

Dimapur Naga Students’ Union alleges anomalies in Dimapur govt schools, DEO

Dimapur Naga Students’ Union (DNSU) has expressed astonishment at the alleged unfair practices prevailing at government schools in Dimapur district and District Education Office (DEO), which it claimed to have discovered during its surprise checks at the schools across the district.
DNSU president Moayanger Jamir and general secretary Sedelo T Vadeo in a press release said they were not shocked but disappointed to find many schools still practising the system of keeping substitute teachers, having very low attendance of teachers and some schools even failing to produce teachers’ attendance register when inquired.

They also expressed surprise to note that some schools had excess teachers, resulting in an “imbalanced” teacher-student ratio, adding that some primary and middle schools were not at all student or child-friendly. They said they also noticed that some schools had very poor infrastructure, lacked school equipment and teaching-learning aid, while some even witnessed floods during the rainy season.
They mentioned that they were very disappointed to notice that there no proper implementation of schemes and projects meant for the welfare of students in many schools.
Pointing out that PM-POSHAN (Mid-Day Meal scheme) was introduced to provide better nutrition to students of government, government-aided and local body-run schools on all working days, the duo however alleged that the scheme was not implemented properly in many schools.
As per reports, they claimed that the DEO deducted the amount from the schools during quarterly disbursement of the Mid-Day Meal funds, which they felt was unreasonable, irrational and inappropriate.
Mentioning that the careers of students were at risk due such malpractices, they stressed that it was a serious problem that could not be ignored and left unattended.
Adding to the dismay, they claimed that DNSU found out that dispatching of uniforms for students in government schools were yet to be done for 2022, while the previous years’ uniforms dispatched were of very poor quality material and the sizes were improper.
Expressing utter disappointment, sadness and disillusionment over the State government’s alleged failure to expedite the development process in Dimapur District and overlooking the issue despite the urgency and availability of funds, the DNSU leaders said the more they felt that the department concerned was getting more responsible over the years, the more they found that there were still too many issues concerning the welfare of students that were left unattended and only getting worse.
They further emphasised that all these schools required counsellors and special needs educators for students and special needs children respectively.
Wondering how long the student community would have to suffer the consequences of the incompetence of the Department of School Education (DoSE), they asked why the government officials and heads of offices in DoSE were playing safe with their blame games instead of carrying out their duties and responsibilities towards the schools.
Declaring that DNSU could not turn a blind eye to such appalling matters and distresses faced by the schools across the district, they appeal to DoSE and the State government to stop being self-centred and act ignorant, but provide the requirements to the schools and sincerely work towards uplifting the students. They also urged the department to provide children-friendly infrastructure and create student-friendly environment in all government schools in the district.
They further reminded headmasters and teachers-in-charge of the schools to maintain proper records of teachers’ attendance and take responsibility accordingly.
They warned that failure to adhere to their appeal by the schools, DoSE and the government would not be ignored and that they would confront them.


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