Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Dimapur pensioners hold annual meet

Staff Reporter

An annual general meeting of the Nagaland Pensioners Association of Dimapur (NPAD) was held at circuit house, conference hall, here, on Saturday.
During the meeting, various agendas and issues related to the welfare of the association were discussed.
After thorough deliberation, NPAD president, SK Kenye said that earlier as requested by the apex body, the Nagaland Pensioners Association Nagaland executive committee agreed to change the nomenclature of NPAD to Nagaland Pensioners Association Dimapur District (NPADD).
However, Kenye said due to “unexpected bifurcation of Dimapur district into three districts”, the same nomenclature NPAD would be used till treasury office or district pensioners association was formed in the newly created Chumukedima and Niuland districts.
Kenye further informed that the present constitution was approved on April 28, 2018.
He lamented that during the course four years’ experience, it was observed that duties and functions of NPAD had been limited to coordination with the treasury office, AG, banks, issuing identity card-D and its renewal.
In view of all the circumstances, the house after deliberation proposed to replace general body as stated in Article-7, with General Executive Council (GEC) in line with Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) for better, stronger and effective support and function of NPAD.
The GEC would be represented by two members each from 14 indigenous tribes of Nagaland and Non-Nagas in Dimapur.
The president and one member from the tribal unit would represent the tribe and for tribes that did not have pensioners union, the members would be nominated in consultation with senior members of the concerned tribe by the search/nomination committee.
The GEC would meet at least once or more in a year depending on the urgency and the tenure would be three years or same as executive committee members.
The house discussed that all major policy decision would be approved by GEC.
At the meeting, search committee report was presented by nomination committee convener, where he informed that nomination committee meeting was held on January 10, 2020 in the office of the pensioners association, Dimapur for selection of new office bearers and executive members for the period 2020-24.
After thorough deliberation, the committee resolved that the present officer bearers and executive members of NPAD would be re-nominated as agreed by the house.
A minute of silence was also observed in remembrance of the members who were no more.
Earlier, invocation was said by Er. Purtoshi Longchar while secretary and audit reports were presented by NPAD secretary, C Daipao Krome.

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