Friday, January 27, 2023

Dimapur Sümi council celebrates 50 years

Dimapur Sümi Council (DSC) celebrated its golden jubilee under the theme, “Reflect, Renew” on November 29 with Advisor, power, Tovihoto H. Ayemi as the special guest.
A press release by DSC jubilee committee media cell informed that the special guest also unveiled the jubilee monolith at DSC office premises, Supply Colony Dimapur. Speaking at the main programme at the Dimapur Sumi Baptist, Tovihoto said Sümis being one of the major tribes of the Nagas should know to bear the responsibility of the society. In order to progress, he said Sümis must unite and share responsibility without depending on others.
DSC president, Kuhoi Zhimomi while highlighting the history of the council and past endeavours, stressed on the need for peaceful co-existence of Sümis along with all other communities.
Hundreds of people including included dignitaries from Naga Council Dimapur, Western Sumi Hoho, Western Sumi Kukami Hoho, Western Sumi Youth Front and Western Sumi Sports Association attended the main programme, which began with a jubilee trumpet call and paying of homage to the past pioneers of the DSC and carrying of fifty candles by GBs, chairmen and leaders of Dimapur.
The main programme was chaired by DSC vice president, Zhevihe Sumi and recorded by DSC general secretary, Hokali V.Chishi. The convener of the jubilee planning board, Vikuto T. Zhimomi welcomed the congregation while Western Sumi Hoho president, Shikaho Zhimomi and NCD vice president, G.K.Rengma exhorted the the gathering. Special number was sung by Omekali V. Chishi and Inato Assumi while jubilee anthem was sung by Toluvito Yeptho which was composed by Khekaho Aye and Elito Toluho Chishi. The jubilee choir presented a song for the jubilee. Folk songs were presented by Niu Colony men and the town area sector women. Senior Pastor, DSBC, Rev. S.Vitoshe Swu blessed the jubilee while the vote of thanks was delivered by Dimapur District GBs Federation, president, Hokuto Zhimomi. Jubilee souvenirs were distributed to guests and prizes in poetry competition and sports were also given away.
Earlier, the monolith unveiling ceremony was attended by Sümi GBs, chairmen, council members of various localities and. The programme was chaired by DSC vice president, GB Shikuto Yepthomi while Senior Pastor NCRC Dimapur, Rev. Ahoshe Chophy invoked the blessings for the jubilee and Associate Pastor, NCRC Dimapur, Kupuli Kiba said the benediction.

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