Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Disturbed by accusationsagainst State leaders: CNTC

Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC), said that while Nagas were striving for a peaceful settlement, it was perturbed by recent accusations and allegations made on senior political leaders of Nagaland regarding statements made on the Naga political issue.
CNTC media cell also backed the stand of the Ao Senden over the ‘war of words’ between veteran Naga politician and former governor Dr. S.C. Jamir and NSCN (I-M). Expressing support to Ao Senden, CNTC further clarified that the statement made by the state political leader(s) “was not originated from them” but that which was conveyed to them at the meeting with union home minister Amit Shah.
CNTC further said though Nagas of Nagaland would love to have Nagas live under one umbrella (integration), it was no longer possible now as per the stand of the government of India. Therefore, said CNTC, it was high time for Nagas of Nagaland to be “relieved off the burden of Naga political movement “and allow Nagas of Nagaland to progress at par with other states.
CNTC also said Nagas “should accept out national workers in the true spirit of Christianity, as and when any political settlement is arrived at.”
While appealing to the government of India for expediting the political negotiations, CNTC also questioned the government of India as to how long will Nagas have to wait since the delay in finding solution was causing more division and discord among Nagas?
On another issue, CNTC also clarified that the recent statement made by deputy chief minister Y. Patton (at the CNTC meet) was not intended to hurt or target any particular community or tribe. It therefore, urged upon people not to misinterpret the statement but take things positively since Patton had only stated what was taking place in Nagaland as being witnessed.


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