Wednesday, December 7, 2022

DLSAs conduct National Lok Adalat across Nagaland

Settles 199 cases and disputes with settlement amount of over Rs. 3 cr

District Legal Services Authorities (DLSAs) under the aegis of the Nagaland State Legal Services Authorities (NSLSA) conducted the 4th quarterly National Lok Adalat (NLA) 2022-2023 and final NLA sitting for the year across Nagaland on November 12.
A press release by NSLSA informed that during the sittings, a total of 199 cases and disputes were settled with a total settlement amount of Rs. 3,78,14,210. Out of 11 NLA sittings constituted in the 11 district court premises, 799 cases/disputes were listed for compromise settlement which included cases in pending stage as well as in pre-litigation stage mostly in the category of bank Recovery, loan recovery and other cases viz. public utility i.e.,telephone bills.
NSLSLA said the Lok Adalat aims to settle disputes/cases at pre-litigation stage i.e., even before the case was filed in the court and pending cases in the court of law which are admissible under the Lok Adalat regulation to be settled through compromise and amicable means.
Kohima: Kohima DLSA conducted NLA at the District Court building Kohima whereby principal district and sessions judge Kohima and Chairman Kohima DLSA, Y Longkumer and chief judicial magistrate and secretary Kohima DLSA, Nokshei Kano were the presiding officers and panel lawyers of Kohima DLSA as conciliators. A total of 558 pre- litigation and pending cases was put up before the Lok Adalat out of which 38 cases was settled. The total outstanding amount of Rs. 22,53,998 was settled with an amount of Rs. 11,71,847. Through the initiative of the conciliators and the presiding officers the banks and the telecom office waived up to Rs. 10,82152. Out of the 38 cases settled 17 Bank recovery case, 19 BSNL and 1 CDR case. Altogether eight banks and two BSNL telecom branch attended the NLA.
Longleng: Longleng DLSA conducted the NLA at District Court with secretary LDLSA and judicial magistrate first class, Khrievono Seletsu as presiding officer and retainer lawyer A Mane Phom and P Monyei Phom, panel lawyers as the conciliators. Two cases taken up on bank recovery were disposed off with a total amount of Rs. 3,08,448.
Dimapur: Under Dimapur DLSA, NLA sitting took up 55 cases and disposed 52 cases. The total settlement amount was Rs. 2, 20,19,785.
Zunheboto: Zunheboto DLSA conducted NLA at District Court Complex, Zunheboto with JMFC cum secretary, Julian Sitlhou as the presiding officer and retainer lawyer, Easter Yepthomi and Inolito Sumi as the conciliators. Altogether four bank cases were taken up and disposed off with a settlement amount of Rs. 18,17,661.
Mon: Under Mon DLSA, 86 bank cases were taken up and 16 bank cases were disposed off with a settlement amount of Rs 6,20568.
Phek: Phek DLSA conducted NLA at Pfutsero SBI with NStCB, Phek, Pfutsero and Chozuba branch and SBI, Phek, Chizami and Pfutsero branch. Secretary-cum-JMFC Phek DLSA, WokonoYhoshü, was the presiding officer. Retainer lawyer, Phek Vethothi Vero and panel lawyer, Phek DLSA, Sekhotso Rokha were the conciliators and assisted by PLVs, Phek DLSA, Deize Vadeo and Anuzo. Altogether 26 pre-litigation bank recovery cases were taken up and disposed with a settlement amount of Rs. 54,04,519.
Tuensang: Tuensang DLSA conducted NLA in two sittings, wherein two MACT cases were taken up and settled with chairperson cum district & sessions, Tuensang, Longshithung Ezung as presiding officer. Bank recovery cases were also taken up with secretary- cum-chief judicial magistrate, Cheliam Khiamniungan as presiding officer. Retainer lawyer, Antimangyang Chang and panel lawyer, Herola were the conciliators. A total number of 16 cases were taken up and 14 were disposed off with a total settlement amount Rs.21,19,443.
Wokha: Wokha DLSA conducted NLA at Conference Hall, District Court Complex Wokha with district and sessions judge-cum-chairperson, Duvelu Vero as presiding officer. Panel lawyers, Renbonthung Tsanglao and Shanchobeni P Lotha were conciliators, Panel lawyers, Jacob Kikon and Yangrothung Humtsoe and para legal volunteers, Roland and Mhajamo also participated in the Lok Adalat. Out of five cases taken up which were bank recovery cases at pre-litigation stage, four were disposed off with a total settlement amount of Rs.4,49,539.
Mokokchung: Mokokchung DLSA conducted the NLA at District Court with secretary, WV Pattonas the presiding officer, wherein one case was taken up and disposed of with a settlement amount of Rs.5,00,000.
Kiphire: Kiphire DLSA conducted NLA at District Court complex which was presided by CJM-cum-secretary DLSA, PhuletoYeptho. At NLA, a total of 8 bank recovery loan were taken up out of which five cases were disposed with a settlement amount of Rs. 4,93,500.
Peren: In Peren DLSA, NLA was conducted with JMFC and secretary, Kumdilong Kessen as the presiding officer. Out of 38 cases listed for hearing, 37 were disposed off with a total settlement of Rs. 29,08,900, most of the cases were Bank recovery cases.

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