Sunday, December 10, 2023

DLSAs settle 230 cases & disputes during ‘National Lok Adalat’

District Legal Services Authorities (DLSAs) under the aegis of the Nagaland State Legal Services Authorities (NSLSA) conducted 3rdquarterly National Lok Adalat (NLA) on August 13 across Nagaland and settled 230 cases and disputes with a total settlement amount of Rs. 4,29,66,737.
In a press release, NSLSA stated that out of 11 Lok Adalat sitting constituted in the 11 district court premises, 787 cases/disputes were listed for compromise settlement which included cases in pending stage as well as in pre-litigation stage mostly in the category of bank recovery, criminal compoundable cases & Motor Accident Cases Tribunal (MACT) and other cases viz. public utility i.e., telephone bills.
NSLSA said Lok Adalat aims to settle disputes/cases at pre-litigation stage i.e., even before the case was filed in the court and pending cases in the court of law which are admissible under the Lok Adalat regulation to be settled through compromise and amicable means.
Phek: Phek DLSA conducted NLA where 17 bank recovery cases were taken up and all the cases were disposed; criminal Compoundable cases was cases taken up and disposed. The total settlement amount was Rs.27,07,106.
Kohima: Kohima DLSA took up the highest number of cases at the District Court premises out of which 20 cases were amicably resolved and disposed. While the total outstanding amount was Rs.14,50,333.18, the settlement amount stood at Rs 5,68,481. As such total waived amount, through the initiation of the presiding officer and the conciliators was Rs.8,81,852.18.
Dimapur: In Dimapur, 42 bank recovery cases were taken up and 40 cases were settled; 29 MACT cases were settled and one civil case was settled. The total settlement amount was Rs. 2,64,45,222.
Kiphire: Kiphire DLSA conducted NLA wherein seven bank cases were taken up out of which five cases was disposed with settlement amount of Rs.3,88,865 and one criminal compoundable case was also taken up and disposed of on good behaviour bond.
Peren: Peren DLSA conducted NLA where a total number of 25 pre-litigation cases (bank loan defaulters’ cases) and one criminal compoundable case were taken up wherein 21 cases weredisposed with a total settled amount at Rs. 29,64,174.
Longleng: Longleng DLSA conducted NLA wherein, out of total cases taken up 11 including 10 pre litigation/bank loan recovery and one civil case, eight cases were disposed involving total Settlement Amount of 197500.
Wokha: Wokha DLSA conducted NLA where 16 cases under bank loan recovery at pre litigation were taken up and a total of 14 cases were disposed. While the total outstanding Amount was Rs.20,71,557 and the total settlement amount was Rs.12,90,248.
Tuensang: Tuensang DLSA conducted NLA and took up 22 bank cases out of which 18 cases were disposed with settlement of Rs. 11,53,638.
Zunheboto: Zunheboto DLSA took up 18 cases where two criminal compoundable cases and one matrimonial case was disposed and 11 bank recovery cases were disposed with settlement amount of Rs.4936539.
Mon: Mon DLSA held the NLA where 31 cases were taken up with a settlement amount of Rs. 428851.
Mokokchung: Mokokchung DLSA conducted NLA where 23 pre- litigation bank loan recovery cases were taken up and settled with total amount settled at Rs 18,90,109.7.



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