Friday, June 2, 2023

Do not pledge support for fear of guns: Dr. Shürhozelie

Minister of urban development and higher technical education, Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu urged the people, especially village elders to stand for truth and decry any hatred and divisions which he said have been dividing the Nagas in the name of sovereignty.
Speaking at the dedication programme of the Rüzaphema Village Gate in which he was the chief guest, the veteran politician said that village elders who were regarded as the guardian of their respective villages should always maintain their fidelity to truth and call a spade for a spade.
Dr. Shürhozelie said that the village elders and people should not pledge support to every faction or organization that comes to them seeking allegiance, out of fear of guns or authority.
He said people should instead boldly voice out the truth to all those concerned. Dr. Shürhozelie said the Nagas have been divided due to hatred and killing among themselves in the name of sovereignty for a long time. He, however, expressed hope that various organizations were realizing the truth and now calling for unity and oneness.
Stressing on the importance of education, the higher education minister said it (education) was the gateway to development and urged upon the villagers to give more importance on increasing the literacy rate of the village.
With education, development would ultimately reach their destination, he said. He also called for better coordination and cooperation among the elders and leaders of the village for the uplift and betterment of the community.
Earlier, Rüzaphema Village Council (RVC) chairman, GB Viavia RVC, Ex MLA Rokoneica and CPO president delivered short speeches. Speakers highlighted on the dismal condition of the road leading to Rüzaphema village from Dimapur, which has been left unattended by the state government for years despite repeated appeals from the villages. Special songs were presented by Rüzaphema Women Association and Menovi Kehie. The dedication programme ended with a community feast.


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