Tuesday, March 28, 2023

DoE&S releases video on ‘right data’


Directorate of Economics and Statistics (DoE&S) in collaboration with Dreamz Unlimited on Monday released a short video titled “Right Data”.
Commissioner and Secretary of Economics and Statistics and School Education, Kevileno Angami released the video in her chamber at the Civil Secretariat in the presence of the DoE&S director, Neidilhou Angami and deputy director, TheyieneinuoBelho.
In her brief address, Kevileno Angami said Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) was the value of goods and services produced in the State in a year. She said various sectors which go into the calculation of GSDP were primary sector, second and tertiary sector.
She said the primary sector included the agri& allied sector, forestry and mining, while secondary sector has the manufacturing, construction, electricity etc and the tertiary sector include public administration and other service matters.
Angami said that the value of the product as well as the services in each sector were taken into account to arrive at GSDP, adding that the exact annual income of the State was very important in policy formation and borrowing limits of the State.
However, she regretted that many people were unaware of GSDP and its contribution.
She therefore exuded confidence that the video will help sensitize and create awareness among the people to come forth in providing accurate information to the data collectors.
Giving a brief introduction of the video, Neidilhou Angami said it was created with a view to spread awareness among the general public to provide accurate and reliable statistics for policy formulation of the state government and for estimation of GSDP which was the key indicator of the economic growth of the state.
Earlier, the department had also released a short video on the importance of births and deaths registration, which was also done in collaboration with Dreamz Unlimited. One can watch the short video on the official website of the Economics and Statistics Department and YouTube channel of Dreamz Unlimited.


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