Thursday, February 9, 2023

Dorians Society celebrates silver jubilee

Dorians Society celebrated its silver jubilee on Thursday at Hotel Saramati, Dimapur.
Delivering his speech as a keynote speaker, Forum for Naga Reconciliation convener Rev Dr Wati Aier remarked jubilees were not only an occasion to reflect on the past but also to make a determined resolve to go forward.
Drawing a parallel with Dorians of ancient Greece from which the society borrowed its name, he noted that the Dorians were not only an ethnic group but also an advanced group of people led by individuals who were determined to make a difference.
He mentioned that a society that was formed voluntarily was stronger. According to him, this foundational characteristic of the society was what made it dynamic and an evolving entity.
While the individuals who had founded the society were old today, he said they as youngsters had substance with a capital, and which is an exemplar of the good the Naga youth can do (???). “I am glad that you started without seeking assistance from anywhere. You donated your own, such a good example,” he commented.
Aier observed that Dorians Society, which initially started out as an exclusive entity, had evolved to become more inclusive, which he said was relevant in today’s world of pluralism.
He pointed out that the youth of today were better informed and had vibrant ideas, stating that it would be wrong for elders to undermine young minds. He said he would pray to God to bless Dorians Society and make a difference to Naga society.
In his speech, Dorians Society founding president K Wapong Longkumer reminisced the formation of the society, which started as a club in March 1997 with the motto “Ohne Hast, Ohne Rast” (without haste, without rest).
While sports was the initial focus, he said its founding members imagined it as a club with diversity. As individuals, they did not possess outstanding skills, but believed that the club could achieve many things as a team, he added.
Thereafter, as a club and later as a registered society, it went on to excel in sports, especially in football, earning a reputation in footballing circuit. And, as initially imagined, he said it forayed into social work too, introducing some civic services in the community.
According to Longkumer, the society was among the first to introduce door-to-door collection of household waste, besides initiating a streetlight project.
“We had our up and downs. I am proud to say that we are still surviving today,” he remarked.
“It is always good to get a sense of achievement but we cannot afford to rest on laurels,” he stressed, stating that 25 years was a long time in a person’s life but, in the context of an organisation or society, it was only the beginning.
As part of the silver jubilee, he disclosed that the society had decided to allow membership irrespective of gender.
He said the society had also pledged to start an educational trust fund for meritorious students, besides setting in motion the society’s long-cherished Dorians Sporting Club.

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