Tuesday, March 21, 2023

DoSE advisory to schools to prevent child lifting

Following reports of several cases of child lifting across the state, the Directorate of School Education (DoSE) has issued directives to all schools (both government & private) for strict adherence. In a notification, principal director Thavaseelan K said schools should make one teacher in-charge of one section/class to control access of unknown persons to students and to check authenticity of every person who meets students in schools. Attendance taken at the first period should be verified by all subject teachers during the subsequent periods.
If any student is found bunking classes, school authorities/teachers should confirm from parents whether the students are absent in actual or missing.While schools have been asked to create regular awareness to students, teachers and parents in co-ordination with Police department, DoSE also said that students should be given awareness about preventing the case of kidnappings via movie clips/plays/painting or other competitions/awareness campaigns etc.
Assistance of District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) may be taken to impart awareness to students, parents, teachers and public, it added. Students should be taught to rush and take help from the nearby authorities like driver in bus, principal/teachers in schools, parents, nearby Churches on roads, TTE in Trains etc.
Further, students should be taught to remember at least two emergency phone numbers and two addresses (parents/favourite teacher) to use in case of any emergency.
It also advised teaching basic self-defence in all schools. Instances where self-defence is to be used and where one should resist should also be taught.
To conduct mock drill to teach SOP in case a child kidnapping case is reported with different scenarios– like kidnapping at railway station, bus or school etc.
Techniques like child shouting loud, “Help Help Help” if anyone suspicious approaches child in public can be taught in mock drills.
Children may be taught of indirect signals which a child can use to communicate with nearby people to save one from persons who pose as a danger.
Information to be immediately shared with the Police in cases of report of missing children.
Child Helpline 1098 should be used immediately in any case of child kidnapping is reported.
It further asked schools to place helpline numbers of local police station/control room in class rooms and prominent places within the school premises.
Parents have also been advised to avoid uploading pictures of children in social media as anti-social elements track their activities like school time, sports time etc. and plan kidnapping accordingly.
Identity of “shop owners nearby schools should be verified by the school authorities and police/district administration should be informed in case of suspicion.
It also asked schools to install CCTVs inside schools and outside school gates.


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