Tuesday, March 21, 2023

DPDB meetings held in Chümoukedima and Mon districts

Chümoukedima and Mon District Planning and Development Boards (DPDBs) held monthly meetings, on Wednesday, in the conference halls of respective district commissioner (DC) offices.
Chümoukedima: DC and vice chairman DPDB Chümoukedima, Abhinav Shivam informed DPDB members that the district has been designated as election district and urged the head of the departments to be “mentally prepared” to render services.
According to a DIPR report, to make the DPDB meeting more meaningful and action oriented, Shivam also advised the department heads to submit agendas for deliberation during the DPDB meeting, for betterment of the district.
In the meeting, District TB officer, highlighted the basic information of National TB Elimination Programme (NTEP) with special focus on Chümoukedima, Dimapur and Niuland districts.
She said that the vision of NTEP was to achieve TB free India by 2025 and to achieve universal access to quality TB diagnosis and treatment for all TB patients in the community.
Power Point presentation was also given with regard to District Aids Prevention Control where the responsibilities, key functions, services under National AIDS control program was highlighted.
Agriculture department presented power point presentation and highlighted on the Agro ecological situation of C Chümoukedima district, land use pattern, crop production status, oilseeds production and the ongoing schemes/ programs.
Mon: DC and vice chairman DPDB Mon, Ajit Kumar Verma, IAS reviewed the previous DPDB agenda during the board’s monthly meeting.
According to a DIPR report, the board also approved the proposal for change of beneficiaries for LADP 2022-23 under 41 Tizit Assembly Constituency. It also deliberated on the upcoming departmental tournament. Chief Medical Officer, Mon highlighted on the Chief Minister’s Health Insurance Scheme (CMHIS).

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