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DPDB meetings held in Longleng and Peren

Longleng and Peren District Planning and Development Board (DPDB) meetings were held at the respective districts on September 6 and September 7.
Longleng: Longleng DPDB meeting was held under the chairmanship of the deputy commissioner (DC) and vice chairman DPDB Longleng, Dharam Raj on September 7 at DPDB hall.
According to a DIPR report, Raj while deliberating on the roles and responsibilities of the Head of Departments (HoDs), said that the role of the HoD was to control, supervise and monitor their employees for effective functioning of the government establishment besides active participation in the DPDB and other development activities of the district.
The DC said deputing representatives in the DPDB would not serve the purpose and that the members need “thinking minds” for healthy debate and discussions for a fruitful result.Therefore, he appealed to the HoDs to come up with agendas and grievances to redress the issues and said inputs and contribution from all concerned members and HoDs was required for an effective planning system in the district.
In regard to Longleng District Drivers Union (LDDU) proposal for establishment of a Transport Office in the district, the DC said the union was seeking to redress the issues through DPDB for the fourth time. However, he said the department was yet to respond to the demand of the union and suggested at least establishing an attached branch office to redress the grievances faced by the people.
In the representative, LDDU informed that due to non-establishment of a transport office denizens of Longleng had to travel to other districts for registration and renewal of vehicles, driving license, etc.
After lengthy deliberation the DC assured to discuss the matter with the DC of Mokokchung and other senior officers in Kohima. Departmental activity was presented by the labour department, Longleng.
Peren: Peren DPDB meeting was held on September 6 at the Conference Hall of deputy commissioner (DC) Peren under the chairmanship of advisor water resources, Namri Nchang.
According to a DIPR report, in the meeting, the board discussed the following agendas – creation of the post of drug inspector in Peren district and the aspirational block plan of the Tening Sub-division.
For the next meeting, the DC entrusted the department of district soil and water conservation and veterinary department to present a PowerPoint presentation of their departmental activities.

Peren districts. (DIPR)
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