Thursday, December 8, 2022

DRAN 2021 serves ultimatum on Health & Family Welfare

With humble submission we the Nurses’ appointed during Covid-19 Pandemic would like to draw your attention to the representation submitted to the Principal Secretary on 4th November 2021 (copy enclosed) and the representation submitted to the Principal Director on 31st August 2022 (copy enclosed), followed up by the representation submitted to the Chief Secretary, Nagaland dated 19-09-2022 (copy enclosed), where we have stated appeals for your kind perusal and necessary action.
That, after the submission of the 3 (three) representations we have come to a realization that our pleas and appeals are not taken seriously. It has also dawned on us that the Government is contented with the irregularity it has made in our appointment. This stance of the Government and the Department is of grave concern, and it worries us to the core. Though we have made our appeals very vividly, we would like to once again reiterate that we are the first in Nagaland Nursing history to ever appear for any form of exam for regular state service.
As per the Government Notification vide HFW(A) COVID-19/Appt-13/17/2020 dated, Kohima 5th July 2020, “as per recommendation of the Manpower Rationalization Committee (MRP) the Department to fill up 50% of the post of staff Nurse from queue of former Nursing Diploma/ Graduates and remaining 50% to be filled up through direct recruitment and open competition”.
Therefore, the department “in continuation to the Advertisement No. No. DHFW-1-534/COVID-19/SN/2019-20/5023-26, dated 16.07.2020 with regard to the recruitment against newly created post of Staff Nurse110post, under the Department of Health & Family welfare through Departmental Recruitment Board it is hereby notified that an additional post of 19 shall be added to the existing 110 post i.e., the total number of posts for the staff nurse should be reads as 129 posts. All other terms & condition remains as notified earlier”.

  1. Accordingly, 50% (129 Post) was recruited through existing seniority queue basis vide letter No. DHFW-4/Apptt-SN/2020/6548.
  2. 50% (129 regular post) was advertised where thousands of candidates applied for the said post and candidates were shortlisted in order of merit, the interview was notified vide letter No. DHFW-5/COVID-19/SN/2019-2020/6494 Dt Kohima the 7th Dec 2020 and recruited through the process of open and fair examination/ interview by the Department Recruitment Board. But to our dismay, on receiving the appointment letter, the word “TEMPORARILY ENGAGED” cited, which is in stark contrast to the Advertisement Order which states, “applications are invited for recruitment against newly created posts on Regular Basis under the Department of Health & Family Welfare through the Recruitment Board”. When Covid-19 Pandemic was at its peak, Nagaland faced a dire shortage of health workers. The 2nd wave of Covid-19 Pandemic was unrelenting and unforgiving, in terms of death and illness. It stretched the very fabrics of our society to its limits. This is when our services were utilized, to cope and tackle with one of the worst tragedies in human history.
    We had faced a lot of hardships, from getting a travel-pass to reach our place of posting; to being stigmatized. From being posted in remote areas, when towns and villages were in lockdowns, and having to adjust in a new environment. To leaving our loved ones and family behind, when most were protecting and taking care of theirs. We faced a lot of challenges, but we are covid warriors, and we did our best in the interest of the people who needed us the most. But, despite these facts, we have been treated rather unfairly and deprived of what is rightfully ours.
    Therefore, we demand: –
  3. Regularization as per Advertisement OrderNo. DHFW-1-534/COVID-19/SN/2019-20/.
  4. To release the pending salaries from July to September 2022. Failure to address our demand within 7 days (excluding holidays) w.e.f., 20th October 2022, the association will initiate democratic means/mode of agitation. The Government will solely be held responsible, if any untoward incidents occur during the time of our agitation.
    Department Recruited Aggrieved Nurses 2021 president Lijamo Odyuo
    Department Recruited Aggrieved Nurses 2021 general secretary Vikali
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