Sunday, February 5, 2023

Drilling for water erupts into fire in Meghalaya


Deep drilling for water in a remote village in Meghalaya’s South West Garo Hills district led to eruption of fire out of the ground, leading to thoughts about possibilities of petroleum underground, an official said on Monday.
On Sunday, Public Health Engineering staff and technicians were drilling the ground related to a Jal Jeevan Mission water Project at Aragittim village.
“I have written to the government to request the ONGC and OIL to visit the site to ascertain the cause of the fire.” Gideon Kharmawphlang, the district magistrate of South West Garo Hills, told UNI over phone.
During the process of drilling, fire erupted out of the hole, which is being attributed to the possible presence of petroleum deep down. The Fire and Emergency Services were pressed into action to douse the fire. The hole, however, continued emitting foam and bubbles. The drillers ran for safety when hot bubbles started to flow out of the drilling site.
Some of the villagers also said they are scared because the bubbles were followed by a spell of fire oozing out of the drilling bore. Several videos on the incident are also circulating on different social media platforms.

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