Monday, February 6, 2023

‘Drivers’ day’ observed in Manipur


Manipur transport minister Khashim Vashum on Saturday emphasised various initiatives initiated by the incumbent government for the safety and welfare of the drivers on the occasion of ‘Drivers’ Day’.
Driver community in the state on January 14 observed the 34th ‘Drivers’ Day’ to remember their colleagues who laid down their lives while discharging their duties.
Attending one of the observances in Imphal organized All Manipur Road Transport Drivers and Motor Workers Union (AMRTDMWU) jointly with other driver bodies, the transport minister said that the state government acknowledged the dedicated service rendered by the drivers in the land-lock state of Manipur.
“People of this land-lock state are living with ease due to the sacrifices made by the drivers,” he said.
The drivers should be proud of their dedicated services as “our lives depend solely on the drivers,” he said. The transport minister also informed that GPS-enabled police jeeps have been deployed along the national highways.
Since the introduction of the dedicated highway patrol with GPS-enable jeeps, the drivers can now move on the highways any time without any fear, he said.
Driver community in Manipur has been observing January 14 as Drivers’ Day every year since 1991 to commemorate the day when thousands of drivers staged a continuous seven-day protest at Koirengei old airfield in Imphal highlighting their grievances in 1990.
The day became more meaningful when around 200 transport vehicles took out a rally in Imphal city in June 1994 in protest against the brutal killing of one handyman named NoaremTarun Singh of Kakching by unknown armed miscreants at Jubja in Nagaland.
Following the incident, around 1000 transport vehicles gathered at Koirengei airfield and staged a protest for nine days which strengthened the unity of the drivers of the state.
On the other hand, commuters were hit-hard as almost all the commercial vehicles including passenger ones stayed off the road to join the observance.
Various unions of the commercial vehicle drivers observed the day at different places to pay homage to the colleagues who lost their lives while performing their duties.
Like in the previous years, drivers of the commercial vehicles including passenger service vehicles suspended their service for the day and took part in the observation of the day.
As a result of it, a marked reduction in the traffic volume was witnessed on the streets in Imphal today.

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