Friday, January 27, 2023

Drugs worth Rs. 35 cr destroyed in Kohima

Drugs worth Rs 35.86 crore (approximate value in illicit global market) were destroyed on Wednesday in Kohima, police said.
According to SP Crime & PRO Police Headquarter (PHQ), Vizhoto Hibo the Drug Disposal Committee of PHQ carried out the destruction of seized drugs in respect of Narcotic Cell PS, PHQ at Kohima Municipal dumping site, Meriema.
PRO said that the drugs seized in 23 different cases include– 5kg & 130 gms of heroin worth Rs. 15,39,00,000; 9kgs & 313 gms of brown sugar worth Rs. 18,62,60,000, 17kgs & 936 gms of opium worth Rs. 1,79,36,000; 21,480 Yaba (WY) tablets worth Rs. 4,29,600 and 330 bottles of Codine worth Rs. 99,000.
The seized items were destroyed in the presence of CJM Kohima court, PP Kohima court, EAC (Hqr) Kohima, director KRIPA foundation, UBI DEF Kohima, Dobashi DC office Kohima, sanitation inspector KMC and PASI PI court Kohima.

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